Ace Hotel London Shoreditch – Review

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on July 4, 2016

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

I recently travelled down to London with work to host an event at Timothy Everest newly opened store in Shoreditch for the online watch retailer Page and Cooper. The event was on an evening so we stayed over night, and as we were in Shoreditch already for the event we decided to stay over at the Ace Hotel.

The first thing you see when you arrive at the Ace Hotel is the very green entrance. It’s a lovely, organic looking arrangement gentry welcomes you into a modern and young world of a Shoreditch style hotel. It’s one of a kind, at the same time as being very much in line with what you would expect from a hotel in this area – it reflects a very creative and hip atmosphere. The reception and main area downstairs gave room for an open work area where people were working (mainly on Apple computers of course).

The rooms continued along the same lines as the reception and break out area, offering an interesting twist on what we would normally expect to see in a hotel room. Instead on a robe out of toweling, it was made out of grey sweat shirt material. Instead of information brochures left on a desk, they were hung up on a hook suspension in a brown paper folder within a plastic bag. There was products in the bathroom for everything you might need such as hair gel and body lotion, all for sale should you want to buy some very stylistically designed metal cans.

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch Ace Hotel London ShoreditchAce Hotel London Shoreditch

Although I might think the contents of the rooms and the arrangement of them might have been a bit pretentious (particularly the vinyl player and records), they were practically planned for the layout of the room and made the space very sensible at the same time as being experimental.

I wouldn’t recommend the room for the slightly older or perhaps less able or very comfortable people as the beds were very low. I know my parents would have had a hard time getting in and out of the beds. But lets face the facts here – the Ace Hotel London is in a very vibrant area of London where you will find young professionals and travellers which this style of accommodation fits perfectly.

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch Ace Hotel London Shoreditch Ace Hotel London Shoreditch Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

I absolutely loved the bathroom. So stylish and very Scandinavian looking. The black marble sink on wooden legs together with the white tiles and mirrored bathtub, made the space extremely slick and clean. The towels embroidered with “Makeup” was a nice touch as well. A perfect place to get ready for our event in the evening!

Ace Hotel London ShoreditchAce Hotel London Shoreditch   Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

If you want to feel the proper essence of Shoreditch and feel like getting inspired by modern design and creative spaces, the Ace Hotel is definitely for you. I had a lovey stay and definitely felt I was put in the right mind set to go onto hosting an event at the Timothy Everest store in the same area. I feel the Ace Hotel is a perfect place to really get a feel for the exciting and up and coming area of London that is Shoreditch.

Kristina xx

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