My Swedish Christmas 2014

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on January 10, 2015

I know Christmas is well over now, but I still wanted to share some of my pictures and memories from this Christmas of when I went back to Sweden to spend the holidays with my family.

My mum and dad has recently moved house, from my childhood home to a newer and smaller house. It’s a great place for them, still in the same town where I grew up, and still by the water. It’s much better for their dog as well as it’s just by the forest and a golf course, giving them plenty of areas to walk the dog. The view from their glass veranda is not bad either…

Sweden snowMum and I

We spent Christmas ever in the new house and it was a very cosy and low key family affair. It was just my two brothers and I as well as mum and dad. We exchanged some Christmas gifts and had a lovely traditional Swedish Christmas dinner including meatballs, mini sausages, boiled and breaded oven baked ham, pickled herring, creamed kale, beetroot salad, cheeses, and much more.

Chrismtas presentsChristmas cake

On the Christmas day, my sister and her family came over for Christmas ‘fika’ (Swedish for coffee and cake) and my mum had made this gorgeous Christmas cake. It was a spin on a classic Swedish princess cake, with pear jam inside instead of red berry jam. As I’m not a big fan of marzipan (the white cover), so I stuck to the traditional Christmas cookies my mum and dad had baked as well as my mums homemade ‘lussebullar‘, and of course glögg! (aka mulled wine).

I also had time to go over to my sisters house for a homemade curry night with her and my brother. My sisters house is basically a 60’s designer showroom, and her Christmas decorations certainly makes Christmas feel magical. Here’s her amazing Christmas tree (one of the two).

Christmas tree

My dad, Allis (the dog) and I had a trip out to the summer house as well. We checked the ice on the lake which was 10 cm, and then we had a lovely forest walk and let Allis run free.

We had snow fall on Christmas eve, which was pretty special as we don’t have many white Christmases in south Sweden, and it stayed for the week and a bit I was there. The Swedish country side is one of the most tranquil and beautiful places I know, but of course I might be slightly biased. Isn’t it beautiful though!?

open roadcanapes parna and balsamic

On New Year’s eve I stayed in with my parents for a three course meal with two of their friend couples. I made these delicious canapés to have with our Champagne as people arrived. It was hard bread triangles with soft cheese, crispy parma ham (made in the oven for few minutes on 230°C), crema di balsamico, and a rosemary leaf. The starter, made my one of the couples, was a spin on the Nobel dinner starter: cauliflower soup with king crab legs, pickled cauliflowers, and pea shoots – delicious! My mum and I collaborated on the main course which was her potato gratin and my pork loin stuffed with mozzarella, basil, and sun dried tomatoes. I also made a creme sauce from the meat juices and balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and lots of blackcurrant jelly. The dessert made by the second couple was a chocolate mousse gone wrong – it had turned into chocolate truffles instead, but was just as enjoyable.

We managed to catch a fair bit of fireworks, and then it was 2015. Time to reflect on the year gone and all of that, but I will leave that to another post… Christmas in Sweden was amazing as always. Next year I hope my other half is not working and we can go together and experience another magical (and hopefully white) Swedish Christmas.

Kristina xx


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