Public Sleeping Day at Generator Hostel London

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on March 3, 2017

Generator Hostels started up in 1995, then with hostels in Berlin and London. Today, they are in some of the major cities around Europe including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, and Venice. They call themselves ‘urban design led hostels’ which is a very accurate description of their very quirky and cool interiors. The social aspect of their hostels is at the heart of their brand, trying to get people to interact as much as possible through their creative spaces and activities they offer. They want to change the concept of hostel into what you could call a “poshtel”! Here’s a video that gives you a bit more of a flavour of what they are all about:

Earlier this week, correlating with Public Sleeping Day and Pancake Day, I stayed over at the Generator Hostel London with a group of other bloggers. I got an email a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to come on a sleep over including cocktail making, pancake making, and a pub crawl – so how could I saw anything else than YAS!

When I arrived at the Generator Hostel, I thought I’d stepped into a well-lit night club. There were a lot of people about, loud music playing, and the atmosphere was great! I was really impressed with the space itself and the décor, giving off a very vibrant and young impression. I was directed to my room for the night in which I found 4 bunk beds and little notes with names on each bed next to towel swans (really impressive!) and a goodie bag filled with awesome little gifts including  wide angle camera lens for your phone( I’d been wanting one for ages!).


When the other girls in my room arrived we popped open the champagne and had some popcorn that had been put out for us in the room. I was sharing my room with the lovely Rosie from Rosie Glow, Georgina from Georgina Does and Kristy from Miss Kristy Anna. After freshening up we went to meet up with all the other bloggers to start the activated for the evening.

First up was cocktail making I love cocktail making: it’s the perfect mix of activity but with constant benefits of drinking wat you’ve created! We got to make 2 cocktails that will be coming up on the menu at the hostel soon. One a sour cocktail with caramelised sugar on top. I learnt that a drink that is called a Sour has to contain lemon juice and egg white. The egg white created the foam in the drink that you can then put some sugar on and blow torch. It was so much fun blow torching the cocktails! The next cocktail we made was a deceiving drink. It was a Whiskey based cocktail infused with popcorn with popcorn stuck on top of the drink and the glass put in a popcorn paper cup. This was definitely my favourite, if only for the popcorn.

Next up we were making pancakes! The got some camp stoves out and we all had a station to get cooking on. We had some lovely fresh berries and Nutella to have on our pancakes. But first we had to actually success in making some… I’ve actually never tried to flip a pancake before but I was excited to give it a go, and it went really well! I couldn’t say the same for Kristy though who managed to toss the pancake out of the pan, knocking the bowl of batter over, before hitting the floor… It was hilarious!


Last activity for the night was our Camden pub crawl. I’ve never been out in Camden so I was excited to get an actual tour of the pubs and learn a bit more about it. Rosie, Georgina, Kristy and I headed out with Nathan (the event organiser t Generator Hostels) and our pub crawl guide and visited 3 bars in Camden. My favourite place was The Blues Kitchen. As we walked it there was an amazing brass band playing a cover of the theme tune of Game of Thrones! It’s was such a buzzing place and I am definitely coming back. After a last bar we visited, The Cuban, we made our way home (via McDonald’s of course…) and got to crawl into our bunk beds for a lovely night’s sleep.

In the morning we woke up to breakfast in the eclectic breakfast area at the hostel. I didn’t have much time before I had to head off to work. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk to work and be there in 20 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half on train and tube. I could get used to that…

As I was walking back to work I was already excited to write this blog post and share my #publicsleepingday and #pancakeday event at Generator Hostels in London with you. I now know where to stay next time I go to London or any other major city in Europe and want to have a place to stay that is not just comfortable, but amazingly creative, quirky, and fun!

Have you ever stayed in a Generator Hostel? I’d love to hear what your experience was in the comments below or on Twitter.

Kristina xx

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