Simple life in paradise

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on February 9, 2015

I can’t believe we’ve been in paradise for more than a week now. It might sound silly calling it paradise, but that’s what the locals call it and it pretty much sums it up. My definition, or interpretation of paradise is somewhere simple and easy, somewhere you can get by with simple means without stress and obligations. Throw in some sun and sea, beautiful landscape, and exciting wildlife and you have a perfect paradise. My paradise right now is in Tobago, more specifically Turtle Beach. It is called so as the leather back turtles come here to lay their eggs in the next month or so. I still haven’t seen one, but fingers crossed I might do before we go back to the UK on Friday.

The simplicity of my paradise goes for everything; we’re not doing much – just relaxing, we’re taking the day as it comes, we’re not making any extravagant plans, and we’re live in our swim wear on the beach. I also occasionally trow on a dress or so in the evening. This black maxi dress is from I ordered it online and when I tried it on I knew it would be a favourite for our holiday. It’s got some gold embellishment¬†on the chest which is a great substitute for jewellery when keeping things simple. It’s in a flowy and semi see-through material, but it’s also lined. I love the shape if it, lots of room but still fitted at the top and it’s also sightly longer in the back which I like.

Tobago beach Tobago beach Tobago beach Tobago beach Tobago beach

I absolutely love being able to walk around barefoot. It reminds me of idyllic times from when I was a kid: I would run across the street to the beach and have a swim and afterwards go to the store and buy ice cream without considering having to go put some shoes on. I love that; the no worries ‘every little thing is gonna¬†be alright’ mentality. I hope I’ll be able to capture that again and bring it back to my life in the UK.

Kristina xx

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