#TasteofInntravel Food & Drink Event in Malton

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on May 21, 2016

I love being a blogger as well as working with bloggers. It creates amazing opportunities where I’m able to take part in as well as host event for bloggers, seeing both sides of the coin – and they are both as fun! The latest one I attended, as well as hosted, was the #TasteofInntravel blogger event at Malton cookery school for the slow holidays company Inntravel. We picked the Malton cookery school as Malton and Inntravel had an existing relationship as fellow Yorkshire based food and drink enthusiasts. Inntravel’s holidays are all about experiencing the destination you’re travelling to on a deeper level by taking the less trodden path, experiencing the local produce and people. Similar to where Malton is trying to position themselves but on a more local level: as the food capital of Yorkshire.

Taste of Inntravel blogger event

We invited 12 bloggers to take part in the event so that we could put them in pairs of 2 for the 6 work stations at the cookery school. The lovely chef Gilly with the help of Sue from Yorkshire Food Finder prepared for us the 5 dishes of the day the bloggers had to cook. The idea was to have the bloggers experience different locations Inntravel does holidays to in Europe through the food. There was a Swedish dish, a German dish, a French dish, and two Italian dishes, all with a bit of a Yorkshire twist:

Swedish mackerel toast with cucumber and horseradish relish

Pickle pizzas

Pork fillet with smoked mushroom dust and wild mushroom fricassee

Coq à la bière with pommes Anna and peas francaise

A taste of the Black Forest

Taste of Inntravel blogger event

Taste of Inntravel blogger eventTaste of Inntravel blogger event

The bloggers started cooking, armed with cameras and smart phones – all you usually need if you’re a blogger. However, on this occasion they had to get their hands dirty and get stuck in with the cooking. I was busy taking pictures and didn’t get involved in the cooking, so all I had to do was taste it which I didn’t mind at all…

Taste of Inntravel blogger eventTaste of Inntravel blogger eventTaste of Inntravel blogger event

The Swedish dish, mackerel toast with cucumber and horseradish relish, was served with Swedish Absolut Vodka Lemon of course, here demonstrated by fellow Swedish blogger Jenni from Life Styled by Jenni. We also had accompanying wines to our other courses, picked to match the dish.

Taste of Inntravel blogger eventTaste of Inntravel blogger event

Taste of Inntravel blogger eventTaste of Inntravel blogger event

Everyone got stuck in making the dessert which had a bit of a process to it. We started with adding the chocolate mousse to the plates, then went on to artistically laying out some berry jam to add the black forest cake on, and we also dusted on some cocoa dust to place the locally made berry sorbet. It all looked very beautiful and tasted just as wonderful.

After we scoffed up the last of the dessert it was time to go onto getting a bit of a tour of some of the local Malton food producers. First up was the Brass Castle Brewery where we got to try some of their current beers. I’m not a big beer drinker but there were one of them that had some coffee and chocolate notes to it that I really enjoyed.

Taste of Inntravel blogger eventTaste of Inntravel blogger event

From the Brewery we went onto Talbot Yard which is the home of a group of local producers, including Aldo’s fresh pasta, Food 2 Remember butchers, and Groovy Moo ice cream. I think it’s fair to say the the ice cream was the highlight, although Aldo’s home made Tiramisu that we got to try was absolutely delicious.

Taste of Inntravel blogger event

Taste of Inntravel blogger event

It was a great foodie day out in Malton, learning about some of the local Yorkshire produce as well as some typical European dishes from countries Inntravel does holidays to. I had a lovely day with the bloggers, catching up with familiar faces as well as getting to know some new ones. I can’t wait for the next event we do!

If you’re a blogger and are interested in taking part in events like this, sign up to Zeal Buzz to be part of our blogger network.

Kristina xx

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