Travel essentials for a tropical holiday

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on January 25, 2015

Just a few days to go until we jet off to the Caribbean for our two week holiday on the island of Tobago. The excitement is really building up now, especially now it’s time to actually pack and prepare for the trip. It’s quite a long plane journey, but the holiday starts when we go down to London the day before we fly. There are a lot of things to think about when packing for a long travel time and a longer holiday. I’ve gathered some of my travel essentials below, although there are many more these are some of my favourites.

Holiday essentials

First thing that should be on everyone’s list if they’re going on a sun holiday is a really good face and body peeling. It’s essential to exfoliate before suntanning and also during a period of being in the sun. That way, the tan will stay even and last longer. It also makes your skin more smooth and glowing. The great thing about my MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub is that it is a mechanical as well as a chemical peeling, giving you a good scrub when needed but also works well for sensitive and sunburned skin.

On the topic of skin, next and probably most essential on my list is a really high SPF face sunscreen. You face is so much more exposed and sensitive to the sun than the rest of your body so it deserves to be protected. Protecting it from the sun will also in the long run protect you from wrinkles. My favourite is the Décleor Aroma Sun Expert in SPF 50 simply because it’s a brand I trust and it contains only pure ingredients including essential oils, which provides excellent skin care. I’m quite a pale person full of freckles so I’d go for the SFP 50, but it’s also available in lower strengths. As I am very pale, especially now at winter, another one of my essentials is sun powder. It will provide some glow to your skin in the the first few days whilst you try and acquire it the natural way.  And talking about protection, at least one pair of good quality sunglasses to protect you from that UV light is very important. I love my black Aviator Ray Ban. Works every time.

Next beauty product on my list is a light nail polish. Brown skin looks great with a lighter nail varnish. The Berry M Silk in off white is perfect for this. It’s not too glossy and not a solid colour, so it gives a natural looking nail but in a slightly lighter shade to go perfectly with your tan.

Next two things on my list are essentials whilst actually travelling to your destination. I know it’s not the most fashionable thing in the world, but a pair of flight compression socks for a long flight can literally save your life. They are great for reducing your risk of deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins, but although I’m not in risk of those conditions as far as I know, it’s also a great way to keep circulation in your legs and reduce swelling on a long flight. Last and most delicious on my list are snacks. Not just any snacks, but dried fruit. It’s a great thing to bring on trips any length as fresh fruit easily gets ruined in hand luggage, and dried fruit lasts for a long time and late up much less room. My favourite is the tropical mix from Urban Fruits because it’s got coconut in it – love it! And soon I’ll be having fresh coconut…

Palm tree

When the day comes to jump on that plane (can’t believe it’s so soon!) a very important thing is to be comfortable for the flight. However, one does not need to forget about style when travelling. This is my ‘flight outfit': I’ve got a comfortable but utterly stylish pair of flower print trousers from H&M, a loose fitting white tank top from ASOS, and a satin bomber jacket from The key thing here is loose fit but with shapes, thin materials, and layering. It’s going to be freezing cold when we leave the UK on Friday morning so I might initially have some more layers on top of this, but when we arrive in Tobago I’m going to throw away those layers and soak that sun up like a the vitamin D deprived freckle I am…

Holiday essentials

Kristina xx

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  • Maria Hagman

    I’m so jealouuuuuus!!! I need some sun on my pale face right now.
    Have a wonderful time! I’ll miss you! xx

    • Kristina

      If I could pack you as my hold luggage I would!! xx

  • Lily

    I really wish I was going away, but sunglasses are always essential in the Summer. Definitely an excuse to buy more, right? x