Villa Pia – Take me away on holiday

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on October 9, 2014

I’m in that mood again: wanting-to-book-a-holiday-mood. It comes along every now and again, especially now when it’s getting much colder and darker here in the UK. I long for sunshine, relaxation, and a glass of cold white wine by a pool. A few places next on my wishful thinking holiday list includes the Caribbean, North America (California and Arizona among other places), Portugal, Sicily, Bulgaria, and Croatia. I don’t always long for relaxing holiday, but at the moment I long for something similar to what we recently had in Plama but with a more authentic feel to it. What I missed in Plama was the culture, the every day life feeling of living amongst the locals; shopping where they shop and eating and drinking at small family run taverns.

Villa Pia pool

I was recently introduced to which delivers on all the points I made: it is a family villa in Lippiano, just by the beautiful backdrop of Tuscany. The village is traditional town set amongst wonderful surroundings of vineyards and green fields. You stay in the house called Villa Pia which sits on its own five acres of land, and it also has its own swimming pool with lush views. Just around is a 10th century castle surrounded by stunning woods which would be perfect for walking. Can we go now?! 

lippianoVilla Pia 1

Villa Pia does sound like the perfect place to come and chill in an authentic environment. They do yoga holidays, they hold pilates classes, you can book all sorts of beauty treatments and they even do Italian cookery holidays! What is not on the cards for me, but I could image it being a very romantic option, is to have your wedding reception at Villa Pia. Set in one of the most renowned landscapes for its beauty, how could it be more perfect? I really like the very traditionally Italian inside of the house as well, and I absolutely love those tiles! I’d come and hang out at Villa Pia any time. Anyone fancy sponsoring me a holiday? No? Oh well, one day…


Kristina xx

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  • Uju Asika

    Doesn’t it look absolutely amazing? On my travel wish list for sure!

    • Kristina

      It’s really beautiful indeed! :)